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The inclusion of young children with disabilities in the general care and education setting brings the necessity of having teachers that are knowledgeable and skillful in working with typical students and with students that have exceptional needs.  One way to improved teacher preparation in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education is by unifying both fields.  Some institutions of higher education have already blended these programs (New Mexico, Florida, Wyoming, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Maine, Iowa, Massachusetts, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and New Jersey) The reasons for unifying Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education are 1) the need of being in compliance with IDEA 2004, 2) the promotion of inclusion, 3) responding to the recommendation of national professional organizations such as the NAEYC 4) responding to review of existing early childhood endorsement, and agreement between stakeholders.  The literature, support the call for a blended teacher preparation program that meet the needs of teachers working in early childhood and early childhood special education.  The Association of Teacher Education (ATE), Division of Early Childhood (DEC), and the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) (1991) recommended creating a uniform birth to eight licensure and certification patterns across states to ensure that children are receiving adequate services and their needs are being met.  Would it be possible to implement a blended program in the state of California?  What factors may stop the state for adopting this kind of program?


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